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hey all! i am finding myself getting really distracted lately and have not been active on DA which i hate :( however i am trying to keep myself active and updated on my blog

so if you're interested in what I'm doing lately please check my blog :

thanks! will get back in action here soon, hopefully :heart: :blowkiss:
my facebook page if you're interested…
if you have a page i'd love to see and add you there!

have a great day everyone :blowkiss:
what was the last book you read? for me it was murakami's" sputnik sweetheart", a very lovely book so intense in emotional details and capturing relations between characters, i really recommend it it's my fav for him so usual he succeeds to put the reader in a place between reality and dreams where anything can be possible

so what about you?
my sis :icondimaa: was telling me how much fun it is to get into a group in DA i just haven't tried it yet...are you in an groups here? and do you know some good illustration or tradition artisits groups? tell me what you think of them

these are some of the most inspiring traditional artists for me. i can never enter their gallery without just staring for a while! i think no one should miss their amazing talent so i though might as well share this thought!

:iconjunglecookie: :iconbuguanle: :icontir-ri: :iconkmyechan:
:iconmefitica: :iconikenai: :iconiumazark: :icongreno89:

:heart: :heart:

so now i have a facebook page :D… i'd love it if you check it out, actually a friend of mine just did it to me but i'm liking the idea so i think i'll be updating it often

if you have a facebook or bolg  please write it, i'd be happy to see
so after having my cat for a whole year today we discovered she's a he!
i have to admit that recently i had my doubts, but just didn't want to admit it because i liked the fact the it's a she! now i have to get used to calling her a he, and actually see her as a he lol
it's a bit confusing!and needs some time to get used to..everybody is finding it funny, so i thought i's share this since i've been posting many oh his pictures here :kitty:
happy new year everyone
hope 2010 will bring you everything you wish for

hey all!i feel so ashamed since it's been sooo long since i commented or checked your lovely works :( i feel so art depraved!

i haven't drawn anything for so long, and i don't have time for anything, i am working in 3 jobs and my life is overwhelmed -__- hopefully i'll organize myself and have one full time steady job and then i'll be back to drawing and doing thinks i like!

anyways i really need to know the name of the artist who drew this… if anyone knows i'd be so grateful :heart:

i only have this image for the artist, and i;m so curious to know more!
so i finally did a blog yaay! blog spot seems really cool :) i'm still not accustomed to it, and haven't submitted most of my arts, maybe i'll just submit new ones there...still figuring it out!
here's my link

previous journal:
another lousy lazy morning,that's how i'm spending my days lately! feel like my energy is being sucked up!

so i was wondering,other than DA do you use any other blogs to show your art? i was just curious since i use none other? if you do share the link I'd love to see!

i really like the atmosphere in this site,its supportive and the great artists there,what other sites you like?and why :giggle: not sure why this suddenly came up to my mind

i want to....

find a good college, to apply for masters in illustration
get accepted in the college XD
apply for a scholarship and find funding if possible:faint:
do great art!and improve in water coloring
stop being so lazy
read more!
finish my wip drawings
find a job!an interesting one
do more exercise
practice digital art oneday
make cleaner and more pro paintings!!
cook delicious food to people that matter to me
meet new people

agh i just want to get started with things i have to do, I'm searching for colleges with an illustration masters program,it's really tiring and i'm so worried of not getting accepted in any, i;m not sure i stand up to the level, yet i want to improve in illustrations, and i have to prepare a portfolio, and a statement and i have no idea what to do!:( do you have any knowledge or tips that may help me in my search and application?i'd love to chat with someone who studies illustrations and get some tips :faint: i'm just overwhelmed and yet am doing nothing productive

can you feel i've been trying new things in my art lately? i'm trying to make it more illustrative, tells a story and add more character to the figures, so am i getting there?...i'll practice more in the upcoming pieces, and make them better rendered:giggle:

sorry for meaningless ranting!have a nice day:love:
Idle as a tree





to fly
so the suggestions for the thank you piece are:
lilacs KarrinGray
flowe Bleding Heartmegtoes
Thunder bird SirGrunt  

such cool suggestions, i think i will manage to get it done before my 15,500 pv :giggle: thanks all :hug: :hug:anyone who manages to suggest before i do the piece is welcomed anytime!

i am feeling kind of moody lately :S i have tons of things to do, no time for myselfa and just needs a break!i want to have some time off just do nothing and sleep all day :giggle: *feels like having a cup of tea* :tea:
i've been reading some articles and stuff about art, i want to know as mush as i can aout art and history! the topic is so interesting i was reading abot lowbrow art i think it's the best! i really admire pop art and pop culture it's so vibrant and into people's wants it makes you feel and live the painting!plus i'm a major fan of good techniques :giggle:
what do u think? what art movement you can most relate to?

also i'm trying to improve in my arts and since i believe deviantart has given me a great chance to improve i'd like to know what you guys think i should work on the most?
i'm gonna be doing illustrations for a new book, and I'm really excited about it! not sure if i'll be able to post any of the paintings before the book is released XD -__-

my new cat is sleeping on my lap as i'm writing this, such a great feeling!i love cats can't believe i did not have one earlier :heart: so sdorable
uuh as some of you know i am in my last college semeste only a few more months and i'll finally finish college! I'm really excited and glad that i'll finally be done studing yet i'm starting to panic cause i still have no idea what to do next!

i want to continue further in my studies and travel, but maybe i have to work for a while before especially since i haven't been applying to anything -__- i want to have a break from architecture(what i'm studying) and just do something more art related,and i think it would be helpful so i'd know if i'd like to continue in architecture in my life or maybe concentrate on art as a career and illustrating...i'm just confused...

i just want to have a break actually to travel and draw and learn more about art, that's why i'd like to apply for residencies or workshops and i'm trying to find some good ones that don't require a high professional level, can anyone help?maybe art workshops would be better, have any of you ever been on one or applied for residencies?if you'd give me any advice i'b be really thankful :hug:
hey!haven't been active in a long time, i'm sorry i'm not uploading anything lately it's just that i've been lacking time and talent lately -__- however i try to stay active and check all deviations and comments as much as i can (:

i've started a new drawing a couple of days ago and i'm really excited about it, especailly since it's been such a long while since i worked on a piece :giggle:
this time i'm working on bigger scale,a 75*55cm paper i usually draw on A4 so that's quite bid for me which is why i think it'll take a while for it to get done, may be i'll post some wip, not sure yet XD

a friend of mine here LEKKER has created a really interesting game that i'm planning to take part in, the theme is really original and interesting that i can't wait to get started on the piece :D
it's an only for fun activity so if you're interested check it out :iconswallowedtheseed:
for more info ask :iconlekker:
just wanted to remove the previous journal, since it's been there  long enough:giggle:nothing much to say really, i'm working on a new piece for a couple of days now, but i'm working slowly on it can't seem to sit long enough to get it done... hopefully i'll get it done soon i'm pretty excited about it :giggle:

i'm really liking the animated avatar idea, the ones where you make the avatar a piece of your art and then make something move in it,like the eyes would blink, something like that) how do they do that. i'd like to have one so i was wondering if there's a tutorial or if it's easy to know how to make one, help anyone?

omg!can't believe that i've got a DD!that makes me so happy!!:strip:

i want to thank Jshei for his suggestion on… and oilsoaked for the feature,and everyone who commented :glomp: thanks a lot :heart:

i will be replying to all the msg i got soon, my connection has giving me a hard time lately XD

thanks all
luv :rose:
feature time!since i got no subscription i decided to put a word on what i love in each gallery so the links will appear more tempting to check :giggle:
:iconscythecat:cool ocs and pencil works!………

:iconjessicaelephant:absolutely cute cartoonish characters!……

:iconshouyume:she has such a unique way for drawing her characters!and great use oc colors………

:icongarylaibart:he's such a great way with pencils and colors it amazes me, his work is so great, trust me you have to check!………

:iconmakigai: simple style and such livable characters!……

:iconmoonacat: really cool digital works!!………

:iconmidnitegloria: great natural scenery photpgraphy……

:iconlunabeast: i especially love her nature and animals close up photos!really cool………

:icontestsubjectlily: such delicate feminine characters :heart:……

:iconshadowneko13: amazing colorful photo :heart:……

:iconutenaxchan: her coloring and drawings are so amazing!it was so hard to pick three pieces to feature XD……

:icondimaa:she's great, she's fabulous and she's ma sis so go check her amazing portraits :heart:……

:iconkanda-cgroom: such lovable characters, great digital coloring that just makes me a bit envious ^^…

:icontinyplaidninja: cool and diverse gallery:D……

:icondarkness-flame-fox:one of the sweetest people ever, you'll find great line arts and anime in her gallery!
darkness-flame-fox.deviantart.… darkness-flame-fox.deviantart.… darkness-flame-fox.deviantart.…

:iconstarrynazz: :heart:………

:iconpim-s: her drawings has such flow, amazing colors and great ideas that just makes you want to keep staring :heart:……

still space for three more!:hug:
taken from :iconutenaxchan:

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